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Progress Report

Posted in LCB on April 28, 2009 by Brian

Today I finished my last food requirement in Kitchen Class.  I had to make my own Fettuccine Noodles and hang them up to dry and make a sauce to go with it.

Additionally, I have finished “dressing” the boards for my Cedar Chest.   This just means that I have taken the very raw (rough and splintered) Cedar Lumber  and Planed it to amke it flat, then used the Joiner to make perpendicular edges.  This leaves me with a truly square board.  The next phase is the construction of the panels for the basic box design.

In Travel Class, I have been assigned addresses to find and I am getting better everyday. I can tell where I am with the position of the Sun on my face and the traffic patterns.  I sometimes get a little lost, but manage to find my way out of sticky spots.

I will still need to prepare my meals for both 8 and then a meal for 40.  After that, I have some daily living/home skills to complete.  Those include Ironing, Sewing,  and writing a budget in Braille.   Once that is done,  I will be done with Home Economics and move those two hours to Computer Lab and Braille Class.   Speaking of which–I have to go read some of that now.  More Later.


Busy Week

Posted in LCB on April 28, 2009 by Brian

Finally last week has ended.   It has been very eventful.  On Thursday several of us attended a Blind Judo Workshop with the ParaOlympic Medalist.  Greg is a great guy and he is blind.  He competes Worldwide on the ParaOlympic Judo Team.  He won a Bronze Medal in Bejing, China.  He showed us some basics including how to roll and fall properly to avoid injuries.  We also go to learn several throws, pins, and chokes.  Fantastic time!  Lots of fun.  I may pursue this more if time will permit.  Additinally, I have befun working out at the Fitness Center at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston.   A benefit extended to us at no cost as students of the Louisiana Center for the Blind.

I have just returned from my first NFB State convention.  It was held in Shreveport Louisiana from Friday through Sunday.  It is packed with lots of meetings and gatherings from 8am to 9,10, of 11pm.  Not much sleep allotted due to rowdy roommates.

Great Vacation

Posted in LCB on April 15, 2009 by Brian

I had a great visit to Nashville during Easter break.  I saw family and spoke with friends.  The visit was too short.  However, if it were longer, I would have been inclined to stay home.   About 6 months or so left.   I feel confident that I can get Home Ec. finished within the next month and shift those two hours to Braille and Computer Training.

I have begun my gradutation project in Shop…a cedar chest.    I love the smell of those boards when I cut them.  My Shop instructor tells me that it will take about 3 months of work.  Keep in mind that I only have 2 hours a day of that class.

Believe it or not, I am having difficulty with my Computer class.  I have to learn Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.  Normally, this would not be a problem.  However, there are 178 key commands for just basic operation of the JAWS program.   This does not include all the keyboard shortcuts!  Of which there are approximately 120 for the Office 2007 Suite.  I will begin to stay after school on Tuesdays from 5 to 7 for the Computer Lab.

I sincerely believe I could not get along without  this training (all of the classes).  This place–Louisian Center for the Blind is changing what it means to be blind.

Going to State Convention of the National Federation of the Blind the 24th for a few days.  It is held in Shreveport, LA this year and that is only an hour drive from here.  National Convention is in Detroit, MI July 3 and is one week long.  Directly after that, i get a week off to visit home again!

Hippity Hoppity

Posted in LCB on April 7, 2009 by Brian

Well, Easter is approaching.  I will be leaving here to come home for Easter Break.  I get 4 days with family and friends.  I miss everyone so much.  Unfortunately, this place is so small they do not have Jet Engine planes as the airport is so small.  I will be flying on a NWA turbo prop.  Powered by two significantly sized mutant hamsters and a reinforced rubber band.  LOL.   I wonder what good a seat floatation device is if they bounce your ass in cornfield?

My friend Gary K. graduates tomorrow and I will be sad to see him go.  His training is complete and his skills sharp.  He is ready to become a Jedi.    Unfortunately, I am still a Padawan Learner.  (Star Wars references)

I will not be available for flash photography and autographs on Wednesday.  That will have to wait until Thursday through Sunday.  Thank you.

It is not Cat!

Posted in LCB on April 1, 2009 by Brian

“It’s not cat on a stick!, Mike” when we went out for some Chinese tonight.  Today in Home Ec. I had arefully and painstakingly crafted my own Pizza to share with my fellow blind mice.  However 5 ot them had decided on Chinese food at the China Wok buffet.  The food is fairly good and only $8.00 for the whole spread.  We all piled in a cab and went to have a bite and had a good time.   Mike has a great sense of humor with a strong Boston accent.  Becky can eat like a horse (3 platefuls) and Thera talked on the phone while we were eating.  Wilkins is from Haiti and he is…well he is just Wilkins.  The new girl Ally is very quiet but she can read Braille at over 200 words per minute. We all had a good time making fun of each others Fortune Cookies with the  pearls of wisdom inside.   I guess pizza for breakfast?  Oh, well.