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What is that smell?!

Posted in LCB on May 26, 2009 by Brian

Well, apparently it is a sin to be in Louisiana and not eat Crawfish.  We had a Memorial Day Drawfish Boil (and burgers) at the Lincoln Parish Lake yesterday.  We had a great time swimming, games, feasting, and unfortunately stinkin up the place with boiling Crawfish.  Nasty creatures.  I canot bring myself to taste those water-bourne, roach-like, foul-smelling things.  Crawfish can be smelled farther away than sound traveling for 2 minutes.

I have now shifted my schedule from Home Ec. to Braille and Computer Literacy.  So now, I have 2 hours of each of those per day.   I am halfway through my shop project now.  Once I complete Shop class, I will shift that time to Travel Class.  I will then have 4 hours per day in Travel.   Moving right along…

I have also joined the LCB Players.  We will be performing a play about the life of Louis Braille.  It will be performed at the National Convention (July 5 at 7 and 9 PM) before crowds of hundreds.  Practice for scenes 2, 5, and 6 start in 10 minutes, so I must close for now.


Less Is More

Posted in LCB on May 15, 2009 by Brian

Just some thoughts…

I struggle daily for small successes in my journey as a blind person.  I used to think I was a failure when I got lost on my Travel Route assignments.  But I realized that I made it back on my own; so I know now it is a successes.  We all cling to truths based on our perceptions.  The frustration is still there, but I can laugh at myself now.  This is comforting.

I have been here at the Louisiana Center for the Blind exactly4 months now.  I am halfway through my training.     I have learned much and have much more to learn and practice.

My decision to be here was based on the perception that I was not whole as a person, without my sight.   I thought of myself as somewhat diminished, and less of a person.  Over time, I have come to realize that my decision to come here and do this was not one based on being less, but rather, to make that decision took MORE of a person

Change is good.

Roller Derby

Posted in LCB on May 8, 2009 by Brian

The Roller Skating for some was a joy and for others an insurance nightmare.   Injuries abound.  I fortunately, escaped relatively unscathed.   There were pileups, crashes, and spills of all kinds.  Most people had a good time.  Some got seriously hurt.  I know of three people who did not go to classes today due to their injuries.

I had a minor injury.  Anil came crashing info me as I was lacing up for the debaucle.  His right skate ran over my middle toe on my left foot.  It only caught the edge, thank goodness, or I would have had a broken toe instead of a bruise.   Brandi fell HARD on her tailbone and can barely walk or sit now.   Becky took a dive in the first two minutes and hurt her knee and can only limp today.  Jenny was hurt but I have not been able to ascertain as to what extent.  Wilkins fell on a couple of people and laughed his butt off. By the way Anil hollered like a girl when he fell, but I have to hand it to him; he was back up and kept going time after time.

The staff have come by several times to today to check on all of us.  This is unprecedented behavior.  I believe they may be a bit worried about this becoming a major liability issue.

I skated around for a couple of minutes both forward and backward with the blindfold on and cane in hand.  I got a little off balance and decided to sit down the rest of the time.  With all the injuries sustained after I sat on the bleachers, I am SO glad I sat.  I proved I coudl do it, confidence gained, yada yada yada… and no trip to the E.R.

Life On The Road

Posted in LCB on May 6, 2009 by Brian

The walk from Grambling to Ruston was approximately 7 miles.  Most of which was in the absence of a road shoulder.  Walking next to I-80 was a little nerve racking.  However, we all survived the trek and I now feel like Grambling’s “Blind” Tiger.   I know now that I can travel anywhere and  fear not.  It was a great experience.  This week alone, I have made 3 successful travel assignments.  I sometimes get a little off my route, but I have found that I am able to figure out where I am and recover my bearing much quicker than before.  The frustration is abating gradually, and being replaced by the capacity for rational thought and good self-talk.

I have only two more skills to complete in Daily Living class/Home Ec. and then I can prepare my meal for 8 on June 10.  I need to iron and sew and then I can move my 1-3pm hours to Computer and Braille.  These areas need more attention and thus I will  have two hours of each of those classes per day.  I should be changing my schedule by next Tuesday.

Tomorrow,  Blindfold Roller Skating.  Yikes!  I didn’t really want to test my insurance.  Oh well. that which does not kill us, makes us…  wet our pants?  No, no, that is not right.  You know the old saying, right?